Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy Weekend!!!

We had a busy weekend.  First thing Saturday we went to Super J's soccer game.  He's a really good player on the team.

Next, we went to Whole Foods.  They had another Foodie Fight.  It was a Cinco de Mayo Foodie Fight, so they served Mexican food.

This was a cinnamon espresso churro.  She said that you can make the dough from scratch, but she just used canned biscuits, cutting it into strips, rolling in cinnamon and sugar, and then frying it.  She dipped it in chocolate.  It tasted so great!  Super J voted for this one.

This was the first thing that we tasted.  It was called May's Rice and Beans.  It wasn't my favorite thing, but it was good.

This was called Awesome Nachos.  This is true.  They were awesome!  The guacamole (or wuacamole, which is how dad says it) is made at Whole Foods and it was really delicious!  I love avocados!  I thought he said his brother made the salsa, but mom says the brand is My Brother's Salsa.  It was good, so check it out!

This is called the Queso Fresco Quesadilla.   I was curious what they were going to use the pineapples for on the display, and I was the first in my family to realize this quesadilla had pineapple and yellow bell pepper on the side.  It tasted good.

This is called the Magdalena Bay Scallop Salad, which is seafood.  It was one of my favorites!  It tasted fresh with the corn relish.  Mom and Dad voted for this one.

This was called Tex Mex Pasta.  It was so tasty!  I love this bowtie pasta.  This had a lot of spices, like cumin, and it smelled garlicky. 

 This was called Margarita Pie.  It tasted like cheesecake with lime.  It was really yummy!

This was a Virgin Pina Colada.  It was the one I voted for, as well as Dr. L.  We voted for the same thing at the last Foodie Fight as well.  It was so fantastic I thought my eyes would explode!  It gave Dr. L a brain freeze.  HA!  Here is the recipe.
Virgin Pina Colada
1/4 cup frozen pineapple
1/2 cup frozen mangos
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 cup pineapple coconut juice
1 tsp honey
Put all ingredients into the blender, puree and enjoy!

After the Foodie Fight, we went to Muskogee.  That is where our dad is from.  There was a fundraiser for our dad's cousin's daughter, who is 6 years old.  There was a spaghetti dinner and an auction.  Mom and Dad let me bid on this basket, and I won it!  A few of the things in the basket were games, puzzles, and snacks.  It all looks like a lot of fun!  And we got to see our Nana!
 This was my favorite part of our super fun weekend!  On Sunday, we went to see The Avengers!  My favorite Avenger is Iron Man.  I want to be an inventor like Tony Stark when I grow up.
This is Kid B on our Super Fun Weekend, signing off!

*Photography by Kid B

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