Monday, April 30, 2012


Whenever we get home, after homework and chores, we like to play on the swings in the backyard. 

Super J doesn't know how to swing, but instead of using his feet he uses his hands, pushing off the grass to boost up. 

Kid B does know how to swing.  He is better at swinging than me.

This is me, Dr. L.  I like to play bumper swings. 

 If you don't see it, I have a hand gun, made out of my hand.

We like to jump out of the swings.  I do high jumps and land on me feet. Kid B lands on his butt.

This is us playing Feet Wars.  I'm better at this because I'm the one with longer legs.

But sometimes they start kicking me and it slows down my speed so I lose my balance.

This is Dr. L recommending you do what i do when i am bored out of my pants!!!!

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